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Going The Distance: Planning, Packing And Purging For A Long Distance Move

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Moving can cause all kinds of stress, especially when the move is long distance. Careful planning with a long distance moving company can relieve some of the anxiety, while purging and packing your belongings will keep you grounded. As you prepare to move, working closely with a professional to assess your needs is important. Whether you are moving an entire house full of belongings, or you simply need to pack up your apartment, you'll have to make decisions regarding the items you want to take with you and the belongings you are ready to purge in order to make moving a little easier.

Planning Your Big Move

When you are moving across the country, getting yourself set up at your new residence can help decrease your stress about moving. Whether you take a trip to your new location to find housing and set up utilities, or you make your arrangements by phone or internet, planning is important. The more you can do to have your new home ready, the easier it will be to move in your belongings when the moving company arrives. You will also need to get your belongings organized in your current home so that everything can be packed up easily by your moving company.

Purging Your Stuff

It doesn't matter how far you are moving when it comes to purging your stuff. Everyone should consider going through their things once a year to determine what they want, what they can donate and what they can throw away. This is a freeing process, and it will mean that you have fewer items to pack and move. Getting rid of everything you don't need can significantly reduce the amount of stuff you move across the country.

Careful Packing Makes Your Move Easier

You can start packing by having plenty of packing supplies at your disposal. Boxes that are uniform in size can make it easier to pack of part of a room and leave a stack of boxes neatly in the corner. As you pack, your least used belongings should be packed first. Carefully label each box, and indicate which room in your new home they belong in. This makes unpacking go more smoothly and reduces the amount of boxes you will need to move from room to room.

As you get ready to move long distance, talk with long distance movers about your options. Their experience in long distance moving will help make your move easier.