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Moving Cross-Country? 4 Steps to Reduce the Stress

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If you're planning a long-distance move, you want to make it as stress free as possible. There are a lot of details that go into moving your family across the country. Unfortunately, missing just one of those details can leave you with last-minute headaches. If you've never planned a long-distance move, here are four steps that will help the process go smoother.

Plan for the Delivery Window

If you're going to be using a professional moving company, you'll want to plan for the delivery window. The delivery window is the period of time it might take the moving company to delivery your belongings to your new home. In fact, it may take several weeks for you to receive your property. Because of this delay, it's important that you have enough essentials on hand to keep you and your family going until your belongings arrive. Some of the items you should keep with you include:

  • Hygiene products
  • Several changes of clothing
  • Basic cooking utensils
  • Blankets and air mattresses

Label Your Boxes

While your property is in transit, it might be taken to the warehouse, where it will be loaded with another family's belongings. To prevent confusion, be sure to label all your possessions. The labels should include your name, phone number, and new address. This will ensure that your boxes and furniture arrive at their proper destination. It's also a good idea to label each of your boxes with the rooms that they should be taken into—bathroom, kitchen, and so forth. This will make it easier to sort through your boxes once they arrive.

Load Essentials Last

Once your property arrives at your new home, the truck will be unloaded front to back. If you've packed your essentials in the back of the truck, you may be waiting a while for the things you need. While you're packing, have the movers pack essential items, such as kitchen supplies, at the back of the truck. This will ensure that those items are off-loaded first. If you have young children, packing their toys toward the back of the truck will ensure that you have something to occupy them with while you get to work.

Inspect Outdoor Furniture

The last thing you want to do is find out that you brought unwanted visitors along for the ride. If you're going to be packing lawn furniture or boxes that have been in storage, do a thorough inspection before you load them onto the truck. This will allow you to remove bugs, spiders, and even mice that might be hiding in your belongings.

Planning a long-distance move can be stressful. Use the tips provided here to help reduce the stress and the headaches. Talk to a company such as Northwest Movers Inc for professional help.