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Four Unique Packing Materials You Need For Your Next Move

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Packing for your next move can be a lot easier if you have the right supplies on-hand ahead of time. In addition to boxes, you'll likely need several other types of packing supplies. Use this guide to get creative with your packing and protect your items during your move. Remember that you can typically purchase boxes and other packing supplies from your movers as well.

Paper Plates

Paper plates can come in handy for a range of packing purposes. They can be placed between your dinnerware to provide an added layer of cushion when placed in your moving boxes, and they can also be placed inside of glasses and vases to reinforce them before packing them. Use paper plates and rubber bands to bundle kitchen utensils together for easy organization. You may also want to keep a supply of paper plates ready when you move to your new home so you can avoid doing dishes for the first few days.

Plastic Stretch Wrap

Plastic stretch wrap is a versatile packing supply, and you may find so many uses that you need more than one roll. Use the wrap to protect your upholstered furniture from snags and dirt during the move, and use it to wrap groups of clothing on hangers. This makes it easy to keep all your items ready to hang when you arrive in your new home. The plastic wrap can also be used to bundle groups of smaller, lightweight boxes together for easy transport to and from your moving truck.

Sandwich Bags

Sealable sandwich bags can be used to organize hardware from furniture you disassemble before the move. Tape the bags to the back of each piece of furniture for easy re-assembly. You can also use them to pack cosmetics and toiletries so they don't leak inside your moving boxes. In the kitchen, use sandwich bags to pack small condiment bottles and spices to prevent leakage. They can also be used to pack odds and ends you find throughout the house as you are finishing your packing.

Coffee Filters

Coffee filters can come in handy when packing small plates, bowls, and other fragile items. You can use the filters to stack bowls neatly inside each other while providing a layer of cushion, and the filters are the ideal size to wrap small figurines and decor pieces. Be sure to ask your moving company for any other packing tips and tricks you can use to protect your items and keep them organized during the packing process.