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Tips for Moving Your Clothes During Your Upcoming Move

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Clothing can be one of the hardest things to move from your current home to your new one, especially if you have a large wardrobe. Not only is it hard to know the best ways to move clothing, but this is also something you have to do when emptying out your dressers and bedroom furniture. If you want to keep your clothes organized and get this task done easily, you might want to follow these tips when preparing to move.

Go Through Everything You Own

One of the best things you can do when moving is get rid of things you really do not need or want. You might be able to reduce your wardrobe by a significant amount if you go through every item you own. You may want to start with your dresser. Go through each drawer and get rid of things you do not wear anymore. You can donate the items, sell them, or pitch them. Next, go through every item in your closet. The more you get rid of, the less you will have to move.

Pack Up Seasonal Items in Totes

If it is winter, pack up all your summer items in totes and label them. You will not need them now anyhow, and you could move them to your new home on moving day or store them in a storage unit until summer. If it is summer, pack up your winter clothes in totes. By doing this, you will only really have to worry about the clothing you are currently using. The rest can be packed up ahead of time.

Use Suitcases to Store Things

Another good tip is to take any suitcases you have and load them up with your clothing items. This is a great way to empty out dresser drawers, and you will save room on your moving truck because you will not be moving empty suitcases.

Use Garbage Bags for Hanging Clothes

Finally, you may want to consider using garbage bags for all your hanging clothes. To do this, you can place clothes on hangers in the bags. Force the tops of the hangers through the tops of the garbage bags and tie the bottoms of the bags. You might be able to fit 10 items in each garbage bag, and this idea makes moving clothing a lot easier.

If you would like to learn more tips that will help make your move more easily, contact a company that offers moving services in your city.