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Packing Tips To Help Make Your Next Move Go A Little Smoother

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Packing is not a fun job, and it's something you may dread when planning a move. Whether you're packing up an entire house, or just a few items to place in storage, or moving a child off to college, packing can be a little trying, but if done properly, it can make your move a little easier. Planning ahead of time is always key, so be sure to do a little bit of prep work beforehand. Get different sized boxes, special boxes for breakables such as glassware or china, as well as packing materials like packing peanuts or bubble wrap. See below for some other helpful packing tips to help make your move go smoothly.

Pack Per Room

Try to keep items in a room with each other so you aren't running from room to room when unpacking. If you have kids books that are usually kept in your child's room, be sure to keep those books with other items in your child's room, rather than packing them with other books. It will help save you time later, rather than having to sort through items after arriving at your new home.

Label Boxes

Always be sure to label boxes, not just with the name of the room the items belong in, but label the contents as well. For example, "Kitchen: towels, crock pot, spices." This way you know exactly what is in each box and won't have to go through each and every box to try and find one item. Label anything that is fragile or breakable so you or your movers know to be careful with those boxes. Also be sure to number each box, so you know exactly how many boxes you have. It helps to have an inventory of your items so nothing gets lost. If you're using a moving company, you can go over the inventory with the movers as well. This helps if there is ever a discrepancy. 

Keep Boxes Light

If you're packing heavy items such as books, don't try to overload the largest box you have with books. This will make it difficult to carry. Place books in smaller boxes that are easier for you and your movers to carry. 

Fill Boxes

Don't fill up boxes only halfway, if you're doing this, you may be using the wrong size boxes. Filling your boxes halfway leaves too much head-space in the box, which can cause sinking boxes when they're stacked up to move. Make sure you use proper size boxes and fill them up the entire way.

Packing properly and taking your time doing the job can make your move easier, as well as unpacking a little simpler on you. Talk to your moving services company about other packing tips that may help.