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Moving Through Climate Changes – Protecting Your Goods

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When it comes to moving to a new location, you can plan for just about everything. One thing you have no power over is the weather. While where you live now may be warm and comfortable, the roads between your old house and your new one may be engulfed in bitter, cold temperatures. If you are moving from a warm climate to a cold one, you must pack your items in a way that will protect them from damage from the cold. Here, you will learn a few tips that can help to ensure all of your goods make it through the temperature change safely.

Hire a Moving Company

Most people have little to no experience driving large moving trucks. If this is the case for you, it is imperative that you hire a company that provides you a driver to transport your goods. This is especially true when you are transporting your goods through different climates. The roads may be clear when you leave your old home, but by the time you reach your destination, you could face dangerous ice and snow-covered roads. Hiring a company with experienced drivers will reduce the chances of crashes during the transport.

Packing Tips

There are some things in your home that won't do well in cold temperatures, especially when they are bouncing around in the back of a moving truck. A little planning and a few extra packing supplies can make it possible to protect those items during the move.

Electronics—You should never allow your electronics to reach freezing temperatures. Doing so can destroy the delicate components easily. When wiring gets cold, it becomes fragile and may fracture at the slightest jostle.

You can pack these items inside insulated shipping boxes. These boxes are lined with materials that help to keep the cold air out. If the temperatures are predicted to go well below freezing, purchase a box of instant hand-warmers. Load the electronics into the truck last so that you can easily access the boxes and toss in a few hand warmers along the route.

Plants – The houseplants in your home are difficult enough to transport without having to worry about whether they are getting damaged by the cold. The safest option is to transport your plants in a heated vehicle, but if this isn't an option, you can use the insulated shipping boxes and hand-warmers to protect these just like the electronics. Just make sure that the hand-warmers are not directly on the plants inside the box, or the excess heat could cause damage.

Talk with local moving specialists at a company like Bell Moving & Storage to learn more about moving through different climates and how to protect your goods during transport.